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We have now been yet again nominated for the 10th year

King's Fibreglass has done it again! For a record breaking sixth time we have won the Australian Small Business Champion Award for Manufacturing.

As manufacturing in Australia is steadily declining and going off-shore, King's is proud to be bucking this trend.

Congratulations and thank you to all our staff for their dedication and hard work.

King's Awards

Employee of the Year 2021 – John Attard

King’s Fibreglass awarded their prestigious Employee of the Year Award for 2021 to John Attard, who works at the company in many positions as our assistant manager. On the final day of work for 2021, John was presented with a special trophy and a monetary award for winning.

Most Improved Employee of the Year 2021 – Christopher Brownlee

Stepping up and improving overall in 2021 was what Christopher Brownlee did to be honored with this award. He had a great year and we congratulated him for that.

Previous Winners

Encouragement Award

Christopher Brownlee 2021
Zul San Kip 2020
Kawng Awi Lung Fa 2019
Rick Ashlin 2018
Bradley Dykes 2017
Samuel Leckie 2016
Jeffrey Taylor 2015
Siang Huha 2014
Lal Chawn Za Thang 2013
Jeffery Caulfield 2012
Edwin Gray 2011

Employee of the Year Award

John Attard 2021
Kawng Awi Lung Fa 2020
Rick Ashlin 2019
Augustine Ngun Za Hmung 2018
Troy Simpson 2017
David Pfeiffer 2016
Helen Attard 2015
Lal Chawn Za Thang 2014
Mang Sut Thang 2013
Kirsty Mallick 2012
Kim Jian Yong Ye 2011
Steve Emmett 2010
Joe Kaemkes 2009
Andres Fernandez 2008
Michael Deeks 2007
Darren Trafford 2006
Andrea Johnson 2005
Kim-Maree King 2004
Andres Fernandez 2003
Aaron Decker 2002

Ten Years’ Service

Glen King
Cathy King
Aaron Decker
Andres Fernandez
Andrea Johnson
Helen Attard
Michael Deeks
Ross McLeod
Rick Ashlin
Joe Kaempkes
Kim Jian Yong Ye
Troy Simpson